Who are we?

We are a solid and dynamic organization, posicioned at the forefront of the national associactions of lace-makers, with 1,200 members and with a will to maintain, strengthen, and let know of the renovating force that can be breathed in the lace-making ambit.

Our purpose is to provide information to the lace-making world about the events and news; to encourage the lace-makers to perfect the different techniques through our courses, promote the design of crafts, and to foster the participation in contests and exhibitions


The association is commited to being transparent, this is why we publish the Executive Board on our website as well as our statutes

Board of directors

Rosa M. Provencio


Carme Gorgues


Rosa Casajuana


Anna Rigata


Pilar Garcés

Social activities manager

Maria Pilar Roset

Library manager

Montserrat Morata

Course manager

Who’s supporting us